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„RoboMac 2019”

The application deadline is March 10th.


The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies invites all students, enthusiasts to enroll to “RoboMac 2019”, the international competition in the field of robotics, electronics and artificial intelligence. The competition will be held for the ninth time, from 18th to 23rd of March.

Participants of the competition will have the opportunity to work in pairs, use their knowledge and skills, upgrade and improve them and the opportunity to cooperate with students from home and abroad in order to win the first place in their category. The categories in which participants can compete are:

  • Robot arm,
  • Sumo,
  • Line Follower,
  • Maze,
  • AI Football,
  • Sphero.

In addition, participants may attend lectures in their areas of interest.

This year the category RoboMac Junior will be held for the first time. High school students from all over Macedonia will take part and compete. The goal is to increase the interest in robotics and artificial intelligence among high school students. They will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by professors and experts in this field, but also to work with educational robots and compete in the programming and management of them.

The final match for all categories will be held on 23rd March 2019.

For additional information about the categories and for applying, visit RoboMac's official site. The application deadline is March 10th.

RoboMac 2019 is organized by the Student Branch of the Macedonian section of the IEEE as well as students volunteers from FEEIT.